Treasure Hounds by Free Wood

This one is the Theme Song for a Surreality Show (my word) I want to make. It used to be called Gold Hounds, but that sounds too much like other shows. Now I call it Treasure Hounds. There are definitely way more sharks in TV than the ocean. Or maybe they're Piranha. I pitched it a couple times and got nipped for my effort. Maybe someday.

Replace the word Gold with Treasure in the song. You'll see.

Trigger Fish by Free Wood

Here's the song I was talking about in How I Became a Real Pirate. It was really about a fish, but my cousin thought it was all about him. Guess that's what staring at a computer all day will do for you.

I never claimed to be a singer.

Snitchkilla' by Free Wood

Don't be a snitch, or I'm comin' through. I got two words for ya': Closed casket, bitch.

The above music is by our band (me and my buddy Chuck Wood's life-long project), Free Wood, and will appear on the CD of the same name. Out next year (2019). Goes great with metal detecting. Or driving. Or beer. But not together please. The beer and driving I mean.