The Underwater Trail is Heating Up!

Another lovely day here on the 1723 Fleet. And yes, my dive buddy has a big silly mustache disguise on too. She’s a pirate, and all pirates have big silly mustaches, but us Real Pirates only wear our eye patches underwater.

In case you just joined us, I’m not being too flagrant with my identity…because this is part of a game. A mystery. And I’m not even telling you the real date of this wreck we are working (to avoid legal issues), but that part is very real. We’ve been diving out in the deeper water looking for the missing section of a ship, and so far it has been nothing but work. Now we are finally picking up a few signs.

Some small broken ballast stones, a big olive-jar sherd, and even some fossils that tell us this place hasn’t been disturbed in a looooong time. And today we even found the first piece of metal, which means a shipwreck is definitely around here somewhere.

Sometimes you just gotta follow the signs. And if you love treasure hunting too, check out my Armchair Treasure Hunt Game. Bet you can’t crack the code.