2020 Dive Contract and a Million Dollar Dustpan

This is not the contract between me (Truly Owen Free) and my employer, but it IS the one between me and who WE work for (the 1723 fleet). Very strict and hush-hush I must say, and there are at least two other contracts besides this one in place. So I have now officially been told to shut my mouth. Zoom in to see more of what I am talking about…but what it really means is…after today I cannot talk anymore about what goes on aboard our treasure salvage boat, or really anything about where I am….until after season anyway. Maybe.

However, the above contract does not go into effect until tomorrow, so I can show you this one last thing. As First Mate aboard the Treasure Seeker I have to do a lot of cleaning. A clean boat is a happy boat…and it keeps the Captain from barking at me too. The funny part is…our dustpan on the boat is an old printed out and laminated copy….of a Digital Scatter-Pattern Map…from one of the actual shipwrecks on the 1723 Fleet. All those colorful little circles represent many many dollars worth of treasure recovered there throughout the years, and the different colors in the background of the ocean part of the map are magnetometer readings taken and plotted out behind them.

If you really knew what you were looking at here (do your research to see what I mean), then you might think it was as funny as I do…that I use this map to pick up all the sand and crumbs from our lunch every day. And there really is gold at the end of some rainbows.

If you like hunting treasure too, then check out my Armchair Treasure Hunt. It’s all (or at least mostly) for a Good Cause, and you might even be the lucky pirate to find my Hidden Chest. A share of what we find this year is going in there too, and I will be dropping more goodies in as we go. Don’t miss out, and tell a friend…