Yes that really is a 3D picture on the cover!! Click on the picture above to zoom in, and go to Amazon and buy a pair of 3D glasses if you need them...which you definitely will to solve the final set of clues.

The third and final book in the series. Not due for release until sometime next year, but you probably don't want to wait to get the other two before then. This is a race, a contest, a hard and hearty test to see who is the best, and a third of all profits from this game go to Charity.

Actual books. No computer. No phone.

Yeah, I know it seems weird, but if you wait too long to get your copies of the first two...then other contestants are that much further ahead of you in the game. So don't say I didn't warn you.

Good luck!!!

Oh yeah...and the photo on the cover is one of the spots an a piece of The Copper Map is hidden in. Kinda looks like a scorpion made of rocks or something, doesn't it?

Hint: use your 3D glasses...and stay tuned for more 3D picture-fun too !!!