Artifacts Schmartifacts

The ocean has been super rough the last few days, so we are back on shore for awhile, but we are usually one of the more successful crews because we keep at it after all the other boats hang it up for the year. We are onto something big too, as is evidenced by all the artifacts we’ve been pulling up.

Doesn’t look like much but this is either a cannonball or a grenade. Won’t know until it’s cleaned in the lab.

And this guy here is probably a 300 year old musket barrel. Very encrusted after three centuries under the sand.

While this crazy looking thing is a big piece of ship rigging…and if you can zoom in close enough to the bottom end…you will see there is even some hemp sail-cloth that was preserved under all the mud. We do not see that very often, so are very excited to continue digging after the storms all pass.

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