Music to Hunt Treasure By - Featuring Truly Owen Free and friends...

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Yes I took me forever to get this out. Behold the power of a busy happy life. Oh well, here ya' go!

This little gem includes 8 original songs, album art, and three original travel/music videos...which contain Extra Clues to help you solve the puzzles in my Armchair Treasure Hunt Game.

If you order soon...I will also throw in these super awesome 3D glasses...which you WILL need to solve the puzzles in Book Three (when I release it), and two Limited Edition treasure hunt stickers. Just so you can brag about what you are into. Arrrrr!

Only $10.00 each and 10% of the purchase price goes to help fund World Central Kitchen Inc. So maybe you should buy two!

And here's a little sample since I know you cannot wait. Nobody ever said I was a crooner...