Release of the Third Book

So many emails! And if you haven’t contacted me yet, the address is at the bottom of my Home Page.

The top two questions I receive are about the Value of my hidden treasure, and: “When are you going to release the third book…with the final set of clues??!!”

I’m sorry to give such a cryptic answer, but to be perfectly honest…that kind of depends on all of you!

I’m sure if you perused my site at all, you will have noticed that a huge reason for me even doing all this is to raise money for My Favorite Charity…so I am delaying the third book release until I meet a certain sales goal…give or take a few grand. But before you get discouraged…I am also delaying the release until after this summer’s dive season (I AM an actual treasure hunter and will be diving on the 1723 fleet this year), so that I can put even MORE treasure in The Chest for you to find!

I honestly want whoever finds this thing to hop up and down and scream when they find it…and for their lives to be very different after that day…so bear with me—-while I improve things for as many folks as possible. And you don’t want to wait until the third book comes out to get the other two either…because then everyone will just be that much further ahead when I start the race. The clues and the code are NOT easy. This is an advanced level hunt, and there is even a bit of danger in there for you rugged types.

But this is gonna be amazing, and you don’t wanna miss out….so get your copies today!