Here are some anaglyphs (3D pictures or photos) I was practicing with. While I made the cover for my Third Book (none of my text-lnks in my pages are ads…ever). You’ll need a pair of red/blue 3D glasses to enjoy these fully…AND to complete all the puzzles in my Armchair Treasure Hunt. There are even more pictures below.


The bird was on the side of a building in Kansas City, where I live sometimes in the Spring. The snow-cat is my ride to work in the Winter, and the totem pole is in downtown Seattle where my agent lives.

The bagels were delicious and I ate them in Flagstaff with some nice cool cream cheese, and a coffee. Then here’s another on of my favorite snow-cat.

 It’s not as good because the light is so bright. Looked better with the gloomy background, see above. And finally here’s a shot of somewhere in Chicago (I forgot where). Difficult to make #D because of alll the different perspectives, and yes I put the spooky moon-man in there. He really pops out when you put on the glasses.

This is very fun, and now I want to go somewhere and take nothing but 3D pictures. Hmmmmm…