More beach finds and a possible Shipwreck Artifact

It’s not big treasure but here’s a little bit of gold. At least I know my metal detector is working good because that little earring was down more than a foot. And the hook-style earring is gold too, but really beat up.

This is the cool piece though, and not found near any known wreck-site either. Though I did find my first artifact ever on this exact same stretch of beach (a clay button with copper insets) almost twenty years ago…so it really makes me wonder what else is offshore. I am pretty sure this is Indigo. Many of the ships on the 1723 fleet carried this as cargo, and a rather famous treasure captain (Ishmael Garcia) told me he found other types of dyes wrapped in clay on these wrecks. This stuff is very blue and crystalline, and obviously wrapped in clay. Hmmmmmm…

I hope you have figured out by now that I speak almost entirely in code, to protect myself and others. There IS no one actually named Ishmael Garcia, and of course there is no 1723 Fleet either, but I am not joking or making things up. Everything I talk about is very (and sometimes painfully) real. You just have to do a little research to find out what I am really saying. After all, this is a game, and there is actual treasure at stake.  Check out my Home page to learn more…and good luck.