Talons of the Hawk

People have been asking me about the swords in The Treasure Chest. Yes, I made them. Yes, the coins are real. And no, they aren’t from a shipwreck, because those would have rusted away a long time ago. No pirate treasure is complete without a good pair of swords though, so I hooked you up. Or maybe it’s “clawed” you up, since the antlers I used have those extra side talons. Hardened steel, the real deal.

Pay attention to my wrist tattoo…too…since Real Pirates don’t like showing their faces on camera. So you’ll need that to identify my body and stuff later. When I continue to do stuff you don’t believe is really me. You’ll see. It reads “Gold coins to a cat.” in Japanese. Which sort of means the same thing as Pearls Before the Swine. Cast not thy…

And if you like swords and treasure, or wanna own these babies for yourself, then check out my Armchair Treasure Hunt. Bet you can’t crack the code!