The Treasure is here in the USA

It's been brought to my attention that I may have confused and discouraged a few people, by including so much content (and a whole book) about South America.

Don't be.

The hidden pirate treasure of Truly Owen Free (that's me) is right here in these United States. I write and speak about South America a lot because I love it there, and the people, and I want to help them. I do not know if any of you have put it together yet, but treasure (especially and specifically the Spanish kind) is the real and original reason we are having such a crisis at our southern border.

The Spaniards destroyed the indigenous cultures in place before their arrival, and all for the love of gold. As a result, those people were forced to become Catholics, and Catholics do not (as a rule) practice BIRTH CONTROL...whereas native Earth-loving and responsible cultures often DID. So now, as a near direct result of treasure hunting, they(we) have an enormous population problem. And it is beating down our back door.

This is exactly why I want to help. I'm not a huge altruist, but I can be decidedly practical when the mood strikes me, and I just simply believe in getting to the source of things. If we really want "those people" to quit trying to come here and lower our wage scale, and overpopulate our country too...then we are going to have to help them (we are all the same people really) fix their own country.

And how can anyone have a chance of repairing their own broken nations if they cannot even read? Though of really is a matter of some discrepancy as to who's country is really broken...when even the poorest of citizens in Peru can go to the doctor when they want to....and we cannot.

But all that aside, this is the reason for the Charity portion of this game.

I want to build little schools for the kids in the really impoverished sections of Peru and Chile. Reading is the greatest tool I can think of, and we might even reach one of their future leaders this way. So he or she can make their nation a place no one would want to emigrate from....just sayin'...and at the very least we can help a few people's lives be better.

So hurry up and buy a couple copies of my books. It's all for a good cause, and you might even find some treasure.