The “Real World” monetary value of The Chest

Several people have contacted me about the pictures of My Hidden Treasure and said “Hey! That doesn’t look like $70,000 dollars worth of treasure to me! What are you trying to pull here? I bought these two seven dollar books so now I expect money and gold and easily obtained wealth to just fall right into my outstretched hand! This here is America, darn it, and I’m special.”

I’m just kidding. No one really said “Darn it.”

But fear not, my armchair treasure hunting friends, you will be very happy with what’s in the chest….if you are the first to crack my Picture Puzzle Code. Even just that fat green emerald alone is worth more than a really nice car, and some of those modern coins are in really good condition, and of rather uncommon dates.

However, let me be all the way honest too…ANY treasure is really only as valuable as what other people are willing to pay you for it. Even that one old Fenn himself hid. So if you take my treasure down to the pawn shop, you certainly won’t be walking out with much….but if you took the trouble to set up a Christie’s auction and hit the right bidder—you could walk away with MUCH more.

So it’s all in what you do with it.

There IS a scroll inside the chest that tells where everything came from, and the value of most treasure lies in the story. The meaning. The provenance.All the jewelry WAS made by some rather famous artisans too. The shipwreck coins are real silver, in good shape and heavy, and those pearls will make somebody a nice necklace…or you could just put them in your fish tank…to match your goldfish.

Good luck out there! And don’t forget…it’s all for a Good Cause, so tell your friends!