Third Book Release…delayed…again

So…none of this is going like I thought it would. I figured surely if I buried a fat treasure, and left you some clues, these books would just FLY off the digital shelves. Then I could take half the profits and really help some people…but no. So far the response has been rather blah. Like not too many people ‘out there’ even like hunting treasure, or reading, so I have decided to wait even longer to release the third book…at least until I can get a traditional publisher to help.

It turns out promotion is the hardest part of this game, so I am waiting for some help from the pros. I’ve sent out several query packages (hey Penguin….call me!), so for now my friends, it’s like the optimistic blind man always says….”We shall see.”

However…here’s another book for you to read until then, and yes it is just as full of adventure. Enjoy!

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