Veit Spring Lost Gold Bars

Legend says there’s about $125,000 in gold, silver and coins hidden somewhere around this spring. The bandits were all killed, and some of the coins ($50 Eagles) turned up later on, so there is a hint of credibility to the whole thing too. Here are some pics from my ground work. You can see that the terrain would be hard to locate the cabin remains in (the bandits had a hideout), and the spring itself is only a pipe now, but if I was an outlaw...this is where I'd go.

Hard to say if the cave paintings are modern or old, but they look like a Native American spring marker. Cool spot, and I got to try out my old (new) machine some more. It's a Whites Coinmaster. Very tight machine, and it shoots deep too.

And if you like hunting treasure, check out my Armchair Treasure Hunt Game. Real adventure, and for a good cause.