Wild Horse Mesa Lost Treasure

OK, finally out on the road for this Book Tour, and I started in Denver because that was the cheapest plane ticket out of Tarpon City (Florida). As I think I mentioned, as I go to each city on this tour, I will be scouting the local legends and giving up the ground report for you...and me. Though of course I already have my hands full working on the fleet all summers. So maybe this is more for you, though I sure would love to lay my hands on some robber loot. Stories abound of highwaymen hiding in these hills and waiting for the caravans to wonder by along the old Spanish Trail. There's plenty of water, and lots of places to hide. Including a host of caves and hidden canyons. But it sure doesn't look like easy terrain.

I'm hoping to put my detector on the ground as much as possible this trip though, so I may have to come back to this one. I need burros, way more food, and probably a gun or two. Because the West is definitely still wild. And so am I.

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