Follow the clues in these 3 Coffee Table Adventure* Booklets to find my Hidden Pirate Treasure. Fun for all!

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**How I Became a Real Pirate...

Childhood dreams really do come true, and this little book right here is completely chock full of everything a Modern Day Pirate Story should be. Train robberies, fast boats, sunken treasure, underwater danger, dogs, ghosts...and everything else you'd expect. There's even a jigsaw puzzle too. Arrrrgh.

Be sure to check out the newly released Kindle Electronic Edition! It comes with an 8 song original soundtrack...just for you!!

A Month in South America: Well Abridged

Take a trip somewhere you've never been. Another heavy treasure adventure, but this time away in another continent. It pays to go find your own. Has four South American themed Coloring Pages, and includes travel tips for Brazil, Panama, Chile, and Peru!

Out now on Amazon and in selected stores.

Thirteen Fathoms and a Dead Man's Sweater

Now with 3D cover and lens-reveal puzzles! Sometimes the treasure is just surviving the dive. But don't get wet unless they pay you well. Who knew the bends could be so fun? And there really is Gold in them thar hills! Red and blue 3D glasses sold separately.

Sorry...release delayed pending traditional publishing deal!! Stay tuned...

Wanna see what's in The Chest?

*A Coffee Table Adventure Booklet is a magazine sized puzzle book with a story inside that is short enough to be read in one or two sittings. The covers are bright and artful so you can decorate your living space...too.