Clue #1. The Hidden Pirate Treasure of Truly Owen Free is buried in one of the places I lived in or traveled to, in the three stories.

Big Clue #2. You have to read all 3 Books to crack The Picture Puzzle Code, and remember: Not all puzzles have four sides, but good ones often have at least that many layers.

And the Biggest Clue of all, #3. Look for what seems Out of Place in the stories to find the other Clues and crack the code. Don't forget that language is culture, multiple cultures used the area the treasure is hidden in, and we all live in a very digital culture. You're also gonna need some Standard-Issue Treasure Hunting Gear:

 A vehicle of some sort, though you could technically do it all without one if you're really tough. A compass, a decent metal detector, time off from work or school, some tape and a pair of scissors, a shovel, good shoes and a pair of digging gloves, plenty of food and water, and a real good bag to carry all that

And of course you'll probably need the Copper Map.

Let's pay extra close attention to the weather while you're out there too folks. Though I'm sure you already knew that. Oh...and just so you know when you found the place, here's an exact picture of where I buried the chest. Sideways.

Good luck.