Special Note: 100 Helpers Foundation

The Charity Intention for this project has changed. The old direction is still listed below, but after traveling around the United States on a Train Tour last year, it has come to my attention, that we have plenty of people to help right here in America.

In fact, it's totally overwhelming.

I mean it is just completely and truly crazy how many people don't have a simple little private place to be, or even the most basic of human structures, in one of the richest nations on the planet...and also, that we can all walk right by them, like they are not even there. When the real truth is: If one of us is disposable, then so are all the rest of us. The real reality is (unless you live in a bubble), that as long as there is one person living in misery, or slavery, then all the rest of us are only worth that much too.

But you can deny all that stuff if you want to. If you're an @$$hole.

What can we really do though? And especially when there are so many now? The problem seems almost unsolvable, and we are on the verge of a true social collapse if we DON'T do something.

Well, I for one, know that I sure cannot help them all, and that merely feeding the homeless only keeps them alive to suffer (and be drunk in the park all day), so I have decided to use HALF my PROFITS from this game, and all future book sales, to start the 100 Helpers Foundation. Whose mission it will be...to find 100 exceptional individuals who are down on their luck, and just need another chance...but who have already made progress on their own, against addictions and legal issues...and get those people up OFF the streets, and all the way set-back-up. With a job, a place to live, and even a start in a new educational direction...with the contracted promise that they will in turn, help someone else.

Yes I know that is a very tall order, but it's not even a drop in the bucket, so if I were you, and I cared as much as you say...about what I just said...then I would hurry right out and buy two (or three) books...AND get two friends to go buy two copies too...each.

And yes I still want to help little kids in Peru learn to read, so maybe you guys better buy four.

THIS IS THE OLDER SECTION...We will get to this later


I don't know about you, but I'm doing pretty good in this life. Mostly because I'm a fearless and well-employed diver, but the other half is luck. So I feel like I should share some of this good fortune. Therefore:

1/2 of all Profits from the sale of these books will go to fund reading schools for extremely impoverished children, living in Asentiamento Humanos in Peru and Latin America, and to improve existing homeless outreach projects, here in our own busted up backwards country (ahem).

Reading is the most powerful tool on the planet (next to a hammer of course), and teaching children who might not have much of a chance in life otherwise...to read...is the best way I can think of to offer a spark of hope. We are all connected, so don't hold back, and you might even find a whole bunch of treasure...too.