Pixelated Book Covers

So…I just got through fixing one cover (A Month in South America), but now the first one is messed up…again.

You, or at least I (and probably you too, since I know you’re smart), would think that a print on demand company would at least look at the books they print before shipping them, but apparently Amazon just drops them right in the box. Or little orange and blue robots do it. Because when I ordered a couple author copies for friends this week…the covers of How I Became a Real Pirate had a big band of very obvious pixelation running all the way across the middle. Totally not how the picture looks on their site, or on my master copy…and I already fixed the file…SEVERAL TIMES.

Therefore…if you recently ordered one of my books and don’t like what you received, please contact them. It won’t actually affect your ability to play the game or anything, but I sure do hate the idea of poor quality books lying around. On the bright side though…Amazon is very helpful when I call, and they will totally send you a new book for free if you complain to them…so go ahead.

And I hope everyone is having as great a summer as I am!

Happy hunting.